About 381

Course Overview

Creative Media Strategies and Techniques is a creative writing and design course for undergraduate students to gain expertise in persuasive writing and creative concept creation for marketing and advertising on multiple media platforms including traditional media (print, broadcast, outdoor) and digital media (online advertising, web content, and social media). Think of this course as “creative concept creation and customer engagement across multiple platforms” using best practices and industry standards for advertising, promotional communications, storytelling, and campaigns. When you leave this class, you will have a series of written and visual pieces worthy of your portfolio, as well as the confidence to tackle any task handed to you.

My goal for the course is to help you become a stronger story-teller and empower you to tap into your creativity and intelligence, to become a strong creative collaborator, a critical thinker, and an innovator.  You will also walk away with solid best practices and industry standards knowledge in terminology, tips, tools, and techniques for all channels.

The COMSTRAT 381 Syllabus has more information about course objectives and policies, a list of graded assignments, and WSU academic policies.

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